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The Difference is Real™!

There’s a reason we don’t look like other companies in our category – we still offer more tools for more specialized applications and markets.

Toolmakers, Not Commodity Distributors: Ever notice why some tools feel stronger than others? Chances are it starts with our contoured precision lathe-turned Ash and Hickory handles. Since our founding in 1872, we’ve been Toolmakers. That’s a legacy and heritage that we strive to live up to every day. We’re not a manufacturer of a commodity and as such, we’re willing to ‘sign-up’ to some very specific information when it comes to the tools we sell.

Numerical Hierarchy: Our brand hierarchy chart is your “decoder ring” for the brands that call Seymour Midwest home. Our numerical hierarchy features a Good / Better / Best / Premium line-up. There’s nothing one-size-fits-all about our tools, and making sure there is clear product differentiation as you move up and down the hierarchy means easier, more informed selling and purchasing.


Toolmakers & Specifics: That’s the second part of our Partner Resource Guide – the specifics of the tools we offer. The ‘grids’ on each page are full of the details that help all who use this document better understand what they’re looking at. At the point-of-purchase, we’ve also invested in product labeling that we are confident will:

  • Provide a harmonious product appearance regardless of the series offered at the point-of-purchase.

  • Provide specific information, not generalities that will enable a more informed purchase. We’re firm believers that a confused shopper or buyer isn’t going to go for the more expensive item if there is nothing there to explain the difference.

Look for the blade labels on the tools throughout the document. Again, we’re toolmakers so we’re happy to sign-up to the specifics.


Seymour Spans the Globe: We’re proud to sell our product around the world and have updated all tools that feature artwork with trilingual English, Spanish & French descriptions to best meet the needs of the market segments and global customers we serve.


It’s All About the Brands: We’re proud of our timeline over the past 148 years and of the brands that call Seymour Midwest® home.  While we have multiple brands, when they’re displayed in a store or planogram it’s imperative that all brands look like they belong to the same family.


All the Tools for Any Task on a Single Purchase Order! Partners in Profit is a clever saying but with Seymour Midwest®, we provide a unique opportunity to expand our business together. Coatings tools from Midwest Rake® are best in class and an excellent incremental opportunity. FireStarter, aquatic tools, Toolite® Mud & Muck™ shovels, Structron® S700 SpringFlex™, Sports Turf maintenance, the list goes on and on. Need some help – let us know and we’ll gladly assist.


Merchandising: Updated branding – make sure you have our latest artwork for your promotions & merchandising! Contact your Seymour Midwest® Account Manager to learn more and ensure your content is up-to-date and meets proof of performance standards.