There is no means to describe the importance of hand tools such as shovels, rakes, scythes, picks, hoes, and the hundreds of other instruments for all the tasks requiring attention on a farm. The abilities of these instruments are often mechanized to reduce individual labor, but they remain vital to small and unique tasks.


Designed to withstand the toughest job site conditions, these are engineered to deliver the same standard of excellence as power tools. Our hand tools are conceived on the job site and built to exceed the expectations of professional homebuilders, remodeling contractors, plumbers, electricians, industrial maintenance mechanics, drywall hangers, demolition crews, and all other construction trades.


Our asphalt & seal coating tools include all you will need for any seal coating project. We carry specialty brooms and brushes and the finest squeegees made for sealing parking lots, driveways, and much more. VIEW ALL TOOLS


These tools are designed for professionals handling tough irrigation, landscaping and gardening jobs on a daily basis. And like all of our tools and equipment, we build our rakes, spades, and shovels to outperform and outlast the competition.


The Midwest Rake® brand is proud to be one of the “founding fathers” in manufacturing quality tools for those contractors who apply and finish protective industrial and marine floor and surface coatings and those concrete “artisans” who have changed the world of concrete forever with their decorative concrete talents. We have the widest selection of pro-grade tools and supplies for applying coatings and decorative concrete. VIEW ALL TOOLS


Our aquatic rakes are a safe and effective way to remove unwanted weeds from lakes, ponds and golf course water hazards, without need for hazardous chemicals or expensive dredging. Built for maximum reach from on-shore or on-dock use, these rakes make it easy to gather and remove plant debris. VIEW ALL TOOLS


All the basic tools for common lawn & garden tasks such as:

  • Flower and Bulb Planting
  • Gardening (Large & Small)
  • Landscaping
  • Mulching
  • New Homeowner
  • Seasonal Yard Clean-Up
  • Weed Control

We offer the industry’s widest selection of replacement handles that help you extend the life of your trusted tools. With over 6,000 handle patterns available, we can provide an exact match that fits the tool with an ergonomically-superior turned design. Turned handles are ergonomically superior to shaped handles. Turning results in ergonomically-superior handles that provide better comfort, control, and safety. VIEW ALL PRODUCTS


Work smarter, not harder with our selection of diggers, & augers. We also offer fence repair products such as rings and ringer pliers.


Winter equals snow in many places and we have the best tools available to handle it. Our snow removal tools are ready to work, whether you’re shoveling a front walk or taking care of a long driveway. VIEW ALL TOOLS


The Practically Perfect Charcoal & Firewood Starter! Our Fire Blox™ firestarter has many applications:

  • Outdoor grills and fireplaces
  • Patio fire pits, outdoor heaters, and chimineas
  • Camping and backpacking
  • Indoor fireplaces, wood stoves, and heaters



We are the leading toolmaker and supplier of choice to many different sports and recreational venues from the amateur to the professional level. The highly trained and passionate professionals who care for these “sportscapes” demand tools of quality and durability in caring for some of the most demanding landscapes and sports surfaces in the world. VIEW ALL TOOLS