At Seymour Midwest, we’re proud to continue our 148-year heritage by designing, manufacturing and selling tools offering outstanding performance year-after-year. We stand behind our products by extending to the original purchaser a warranty that our products will be free from manufacturing defects in materials and workmanship during normal use, subject to the qualifications listed below.

The typical life of a tool is determined by the conditions and level of use. Frequent, daily use will wear out a tool faster than infrequent, occasional use. Defects in materials or workmanship typically arise early in the life of a tool. Our Limited Warranty does not cover normal wear, lost parts, the damage inflicted intentionally by the user, or failures due to accident, misuse, abuse, negligence, alteration or modification.

At Seymour Midwest’s discretion, Seymour Midwest will replace or issue credit for any tool or accessory that our examination determines to be within this warranty. Tools or accessories which are abused or worn out from normal use are excluded from this warranty.

The length of warranty per tool series is listed in the chart below subject to the above criteria.


Structron® S800 SuperDuty™ Limited Lifetime
Structron® S700 SpringFlex™
Structron® S600 Power™
Structron® S600 Safety™
Seymour® S550 Forged™
Seymour® S500 Industrial™
Midwest Rake® S550 Professional™
Kenyon® S550 Irrigation™
Seymour® S400 Jobsite™ / S400 Safety™ Limited 15 Year
Seymour® S300 DuraLite™ / Toolite® S550 Mud & Muck™ Limited 5 Year
Seymour® S200™ / Link Handles® Limited 1 Year
All Striking Tools Limited 1 Year

*Certain exclusions apply to all series levels.


How to Make a Warranty Claim: For all warranty claims, simply return the tool along with your dated proof of purchase to the place of purchase to initiate the replacement process. Please have the following information available when making a warranty claim: brand, item number, date, and proof of purchase and explanation of how the tool broke.

If you purchased the item directly from Seymour Midwest, please reach out to our Customer Resolution department via Be sure to include the original PO, Invoice, or Order number the item(s) were purchased on, a picture of the item in question for warranty, which item(s) you have and the quantity you wish to be taken under advisement.

Repair or replacement is the sole remedy available to the end-user or reseller.

Seymour Midwest expressly denies any liability for damage, injury or expense arising directly or indirectly as a result of the manufacture, sale, delivery, resale, repair, use or misuse of the products.