Seymour® founded: Earliest Products were Snaths, Scythes & Wagon Wheels Spokes 




  Early 20th Century: Seymour® Acquires Hall Manufacturing to Expand Digger & Auger Product Lines



Seymour® Acquires Dunn Edge Tool of Maine & North Indianapolis Cradle Works




WWII – Seymour® Joins War Effort Manufactures Starter Cartridges for Airplanes, Magazines for Small Arms & Wooden Wheelbarrows; Seymour® Expands Product Line to Include Hog Rings and Specialized Agricultural Tools




 Seymour® Launches Fireplace Products & a Snow Sled for Children – the “Flying Cloud”




Seymour® continues to expand into Digging & Long Handled Tools




Midwest Rake® Founded




Seymour® Acquires Structron®




Seymour® Acquires O.P. Link




Midwest Rake® Acquires Kenyon®




Midwest Rake® Acquires Toolite®




Midwest Rake® Acquires Northstar



Seymour® & Midwest Rake® Join Forces



Seymour® & Midwest Rake® become Seymour Midwest®



Structron® Safety Launched



EasySqueegee® Launched



New SeymourMidwest.com Site Relaunched